Get Badges for Accessibility

The badges issued by BIG IDeA recognize the commitment of a business organization in the creation of an inclusive business environment. In order to get a badge business organizations are invited to submit a self-assessment questionnaire that covers six areas of accessibility:

• Attitudes, Values and Leadership
• Communications
• Training and Professional Development
• Employment Practices
• Goods and Services
• Physical Spaces

Any organization may choose to apply for one or more BIG IDeA Accessibility Badges. Completing any badge self-assessment application will result in an Aware badge for that accessibility area. Organizations who have been thinking about and working on accessibility can also earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold badges. A Bronze, Silver, and Gold is issued based exclusively on the supporting evidence submitted upon request to support your application.

AREA 1: Attitudes, Values and Leadership

An accessible business takes ownership and leadership for accessibility activities that go beyond compliance with legislation such as in removing attitudinal barriers toward disability communities; understanding and celebrating the values they can bring to society and participating onto the development of a more inclusive culture. Apply now to get a badge in this area.

AREA 2: Communications

An accessible business organization integrates information and communication processes that are accessible to all people including PwDs.

AREA 3: Training and Professional Development

An accessible business organization sustains accessibility training and professional development for all staff in order to achieve and maintain an accessible and inclusive organization.

AREA 4: Employment Practices Training and Professional Development

An accessible business organization deploys inclusive processes in regards to employment cycle when dealing with potential/current/recurrent PwDs employees.

AREA 5: Goods and Services

An accessible business organization uses inclusive practices when providing/delivering goods and services toward PwDs.

AREA 6: Physical Spaces

An accessible business organization provides an accessible indoor and outdoor built environment for all people including PWDS by ensuring no new barriers are introduced and current barriers are removed at all times.