There are many great resources to help a business understand how to be more inclusive and accessible. We are collecting or even creating resources and training to support your approach to accessibility and inclusion. We cluster them mainly but not merely around various areas of accessibility such as Attitudes & Values and Leadership, Communications, Training & Professional Development, Employment, Goods and Services, and Physical Spaces. Here is a brief description of our resources that we keep them in the loop of updating.

Accessibility Guidelines for Events

BIG IDeA’s Accessibility Guidelines for Events provides information for event planners to identify and to overcome access challenges in relations to its participants. Planning access should minimize the need for last minute accommodations and it should foster full participation for persons of disabilities.>>

Attitudes, Values and Leadership

An accessible business organization takes ownership and leadership for accessibility activities that go beyond compliance with legislation such as in removing attitudinal barriers toward disability communities, understanding and celebrating the values they can bring to society and participating onto the development of a more inclusive culture.>>


An accessible business organization integrates information and communication processes that are accessible to all persons with disabilities.>>

Training & Professional Development

An accessible business organization sustains accessibility training and professional development for all staff in order to achieve and maintain an accessible organization.>>

Employment Practices

An accessible business organization deploys inclusive processes in regards to employment cycle when dealing with potential/ current/recurrent employees with disabilities.>>

Goods and Services

An accessible business organization uses inclusive practices when providing/delivering goods and services toward persons with disabilities.>>

Physical Spaces

An accessible business organization provides an accessible indoor and outdoor built environment for persons with disabilities.>>