You are the expert in what you need. BIG IDeA lets you tell businesses how they are doing and gives you the chance to be part of the solution to accessibility challenges.

Give help with accessibility and inclusion challenges

Have you ever been at a business and thought about how much easier or better it would be if only some change was made? Tell us about your accessibility challenge and it may be selected by a team at an Inclusive Design Challenge Event. You could participate too and be part of developing an innovative approach. Suggest an accessibility or inclusion challenge that you want us to tackle at our next design challenge.

Participate in design challenges because you are an expert in what the customer needs.

Give Feedback to Businesses

Most businesses want your business but can be giving the wrong message and turning customers away by having accessibility challenges. We have a way for you to provide suggestions for better accessibility to businesses in Ontario. Let Ontario businesses know about the inclusiveness of the customer experience that they provide. We’ll share your feedback with business owners to help get the dialogue going. We won’t share your name if you don’t want us to.

Give recognition to businesses that are doing accessibility well

Have you noticed a small or big change made by a business that makes your customer experience more inclusive or accessible? Tell us about it and we may showcase the business on our web site.

Add places you visit to the Accessibility Cloud by joining the BIG IDeA Mapathon or use the Business Accessibility Review Form on BIG IDeA.


BIG IDeA is interested in your expertise in accessibility and inclusion. You can help us with Feedback, Challenges, Inclusive Design,  Awarding Badges and participate in other BIG IDeA events. Sign up as an Accessibility Advisor. You will be able to earn advisor badges so that you can show off your contributions and expertise.


Become an active agent for improving accessibility in Ontario buy helping us to asses all the businesses you usually visit. Submit a Business Accessibility Review and we will add it to accessibility cloud.